SBrick. Program and remote control your LEGO® builds!

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With SBrick you can use your existing batteries, motors, and sensors to program and control your LEGO® creation from your smartphone!

Each SBrick pack comes with:

- One programmable SBrick (gray)
- User Manual
- Stickers
- Warranty Card
- Four additional color cases (black, red, yellow, white) to give you more options to match your LEGO® creation

You will need to provide:

- LEGO or LEGO-compatible Battery pack
- LEGO or LEGO-compatible motors or other accessories
- Connecting wires, if applicable
- Compatible smartphone or other device

From the developer:

Imagine something so small yet so powerful that it can unlock your child’s creativity, allowing them to not only build structures, but to make them move.

We designed the SBrick to unleash your imagination and breathe life into your LEGO® models! Sure, you could just build something by following the instructions, but that’s a one-time deal. With the SBrick inside, nothing can hold you back. Do things you never thought was possible! SBrick has been designed for all ages, whether old or young. Easy to set up, a pleasure to use, SBrick has an incredible feature-set that will encourage you to think outside of the box to create a remote control that is unique to you. It brings a videogame experience to the real world. Play outdoors, play with your friends, and play better than ever before!

SBrick revolutionizes the way you play with LEGO®. Till now the only option was infra-red which was big, bulky, and had a very disappointing range. The most powerful RC on the market with a range of up to 100m - in an obstruction free environment - this clever brick communicates with a smart device running the SBrick app (phone, tablet, etc). Connect the SBrick to motors or lights for precise control like never before.

The SBrick mobile app can be used to control multiple SBricks simultaneously. Want to race with friends? No problem! There is no interference between different remote controllers, so you can set up races and tournaments with multiple players and never have to worry about losing control of your model. SBrick is compatible with all LEGO® Power Functions devices and also supports "old style" Power Functions power sources and the LEGO® Mindstorms (NXT) motors. Slot it into your model, connect it up and you’re ready to go!

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