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Do you have LEGO® product that you are no longer using?

Are you looking for a way to de-clutter or make space for something new? Then bring your used sets, new sets, minifigs, and bricks down to your nearest Bricks and Minifigs! You can get paid cash for passing on some of your favorite toys to another generation. Or you can trade them in for in-store credit towards that thing you’ve always wanted!

How to Sell & Trade

Bring your LEGO® products into our store and we will evaluate them based on several factors — including condition, demand, and quality — and then make you an offer. You can choose the cash value or the higher in-store credit value. You’ll feel good knowing that you have passed your love of LEGO on to a new generation – and you got paid to do it!

We buy and trade LEGO products in almost any condition, although we may need to turn away products that are too smoky, dirty, or glued. So whether you have giant tubs of LEGO bricks, built sets, or just a single minifig — we are interested!

How to Get the Most Value for Your LEGO Products

We offer the most for built sets with as many original pieces, minifigures, and instructions as you have. Before you bring in your sets, take a look at them and make sure they are as complete as possible with all the minifigures to ensure the highest value. If you have sets that are broken down and bagged – we will take these too! Please keep in mind that after we trade or purchase, we still need to spend the time inventorying all the parts so this is factored in our offer.

Bulk pieces are purchased by quantity and quality, so the more cool LEGO bricks you have (and the less non-LEGO items mixed in) the more we pay! If possible, please try to remove non-LEGO items before coming in (mega blocks, hot wheels, marbles, etc.) Please keep in mind that loose bulk pieces are the most common items we see, thus the payout is much lower compared to built and complete sets.

Minifig values vary vastly depending on condition, completeness, demand and current stock. We offer store credit if you are looking to trade-up, or cash if you are moving on!

When to Bring in your LEGO Products

TAP HERE to make a trade appointment

We also make house calls! If you have a very large collection (i.e. 100+ sets) that you are interested in selling quickly and easily please give us a call or email with your contact info, location, and a picture or description of your collection and we will get back to you to promptly to schedule an inspection.

Cash transactions over $100 may be paid by check. Money transfers to you via PayPal or Zelle are available - just ask the manger on duty for details.


Q: Can you take new-in-box LEGO sets?

A: Yes, if they are retired (generally about 18-24 months after release date). If you are unsure of release date, please call or email and we can look them up for you.

Q: Can you take used LEGO sets?

A: For sure! Please bring them in built (don’t take them apart) as complete as possible with all minifigs and instruction manual if you have them. Boxes are nice if you have them but not required. The more complete they are, the more we can pay. Note that we cannot take very dusty, dirty, or glued sets.

Q: Do you take bulk/loose LEGO bricks?

A: Absolutely! Please try to pick out as many non-LEGO items as you can: Non-LEGO bricks (Megablocs, Tyco, etc.), rocks, marbles, hot wheels, dirt, hair, etc. :). We may need to turn away bricks that are too dirty. If you have cleaned them, please ensure they are fully dry.

Q: Do you take LEGO minifigures?

A: We love minifigures - it's in our name! Please try to complete them if possible (e.g. headgear, head, body, arms, hands, and legs). If you are bringing in bulk/loose LEGO bricks (see above) you may wish to pick out the minifigures so we can price those separately and get you the best value.

Q: Do you do a one-for-one mini figure trade?

A: Sadly, no. But if younger traders want to come in with their treasures, we try to make it a fun experience. 

Q: Can I talk to someone?

A: Yes! Give us a call with any questions (541) 225-4981, or email (emails are usually responded to within 24 hours). Our trade appointments are sometimes booked out for a week or more, so use that time to prepare your collection.