Roman Legionary - Saturnalia Accessory Pack

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Reenact epic battles from a time long ago with BrickForge Historical Accessory Packs! Iconic, detailed armor & weaponry straight out of the pages of history - ideal for equipping your favorite hero or an entire battalion of troops! Whether from protectorate outskirts or mother Rome herself the title of Legionary isn’t to be taken lightly. Defend the citizens from the onslaught of barbarians using an assortment of equipment such as the iconic Legionary Helmet, Roman Shield & unassuming Gladius shortsword. Fortitudem et Honorem!

- Legionary Helmet
- Commander Crest
- Military Shield
- Neck Armor
- Segmented Pauldrons
- Pilum
- Gladius

Accessory pack only. Minifigure not included.

Condition: New