Dwarf Warrior - Plunderer Accessory Pack

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Tales of magical creatures, ancient myths, and generations of folklore are the inspiration behind BrickForge Fantasy Accessory Packs! Immerse your tinyfigs in a new age of visual splendor with these fantastical elements! The shrewd & stood Dwarf Warrior must be vigilant when it comes to protecting his treasure. With the help of their subterranean forge they carry with them a collection of devious, death-dealing fittings, ideal for orc raiding parties. The Dwarven Helmet is the prototypical piece to cap off that stubborn head. Death to enemies! Feast for crows! 

  • Dwarven Helmet
  • Dragon Sword
  • Battle Axe
  • Warhammer
  • Sage Beard
  • Dwarf Beard

Accessory pack only. Minifigure not included.

Condition: New