7626 Jungle Cutter [Certified Used, 100% Complete]

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Beware the spinning blades of the Jungle Cutter!

Look out! As Indiana Jones is trapped in a makeshift hideout, the mighty Jungle Cutter comes crashing through the trees, chopping down everything in its path with its giant spinning blades. Quick, launch Indy's rocket and watch the Jungle Cutter explode! Includes Indiana Jones with hat, whip and bag, Colonel Dovchenko and 2 Russian Guard minifigures, plus ants and break-apart trees! Turn the gear on the hideout to raise and lower the spider web! Push the Jungle Cutter forward to spin the blades! Push the lever on the back of the Jungle Cutter to pop the top pieces off! Jungle Cutter measures 9" (23cm) long, 4" (10cm) wide and has 2'½" (6cm) wide blades on the front!

100% complete: Yes
Original box: Yes

Certified sets are used, re-boxed LEGO® sets. Bricks & Minifigs staff have confirmed all the pieces are accounted for, including the manual, before re-sealing the box.

Condition: Used